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Published on 24th July 2019

Local Business Kicked Out of Shopping Centre

NEWS READER: Local business My Spice Thai Takeaway was the talk of Langwarrin, always providing excellent service and delicious food. Customers were livid when the store was closed in September 2018, after a new business went over their heads and offered more money for the space. However, it is now eight months after the closure and there is still no new store. Shannon Cole reports…

REPORTER: My Spice Thai Takeaway served its customers loyally for fifteen years, and the Langwarrin community was furious when they heard the store would be shutting down. Customer Steven Grenville was one of the many upset over the closure.

INTERVIEW 1 (Previous customer - Steven): Well we used to go to My Spice at least once a week. Jenny, who was the owner, was fantastic and the food was fabulous. When we heard it was closing down, we were really, really upset. Six months, six to eight months later, still no store. We’re not very happy about that”

REPORTER: The employees were frustrated, knowing they had to find new jobs. However, for some like Elizabeth Joyce, they are now just disappointed as they see their store is still empty.

INTERVIEW 2 (Previous employee - Elizabeth): “Hearing I had to find a new job was really annoying, especially as My Spice was the very first job I had. I managed to get another job at the same shopping centre, but I have to go to work every day and still see that My Spice is empty”

REPORTER: With My Spice Thai Takeaway gone, Gateway Shopping centre have lost many customers because the store was so popular. Shannon Cole reporting for Deakin News. 

NOTE: This is a script for a 55 second radio news report I wrote for my university unit News Reporting 1