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Published on 3rd December 2019

Feature Story Pitch


The first idea I have for a feature story is about the wedding industry. The aim of the story would be to explore all the different areas of weddings and how it all adds up to become such an expensive event. Possible areas to explore could be:

  1. Wedding Venues: the different ways they price things such as venue hire, catering, drinks, decorations, etc. I would also explore why and how they price their services to help people see why, for example, catering per head might be so expensive.
  2. Photographers/Videographers: the different packages they offer and why they are priced as they are. A lot of people do not realise how expensive wedding photographers are, and so it is an important area to examine.
  3. Caterers: even though a lot of venues offer catering, there is also always the option of hiring a third-party caterer. Often, they charge per head, and so the costs add up quickly.
  4. Cake: surprisingly, wedding cakes are extremely expensive. The bakers need to make the cake a certain way so that it is big, doesn’t collapse, and also looks good.

I am currently in the process of planning my own wedding and have found that things are a lot more expensive than I realised. The overall aim of the feature story would be to look into different things that are vital to a wedding and why they are so expensive. I would also love to talk about whether it is possible to plan a wedding on a budget and how you would go about that and where to cut costs.

This story would be unique and different because I can write from personal experience of doing research for a wedding and planning it on a budget. People would want to read it because couples are getting engaged every single day, and I’m sure there are lots of people out there who would also love to spend their money on a house, or honeymoon, rather than have a $55,000 wedding!

Start of Story: Weddings are expensive. If you did not know there, then you are in for a shock. There are so many different things which need to be considered when planning a wedding, that before you know it, you have gone and spent $60,000! However, believe it or not, it is possible to plan a wedding on a budget. Before exploring how to save big bucks on your own wedding, let us look at the most important – and expensive – areas that need to be considered …


The second idea I have for a feature story is about animal adoption. My family has always adopted pets from shelters, and I believe it is the best way to find a pet, as you can let the animal choose you. The aim of the story would be to explore the advantages of adopting animals over buying pets from puppy farms or breeders. Possible areas to explore could be:

  1. Euthanising Research: information on how many animals are euthanised every year in Australia because they are not adopted from shelters would be vital for my story as it would appeal to people’s emotions and show how beneficial adopting from shelters is.
  2. Story: having the story of someone who has experience adopting animals would be food for my feature as they would be able to share with the reader all the different aspects of adopting a pet, such as different adoption centres to go to, the process for adopting them, different ways to help your new animal feel at home in a new house, etc.
  3. Animal Breeding: research on animal breeding, like puppy farms, animal breeding, etc. Having this information in the feature story would highlight how the breeding is done, the conditions the animals are born and live in, how the breeders treat the animals, how they go about selling their animals, etc.

This story would be unique and different because it is a topic that a lot of people know and debate about all the time. The angle I would be focusing on to make my feature stand out would be the story of a family friend who has recently adopted new animals. She would be able to share about her pets, things like the quirky and interesting traits they have which she loves. Having this angle, as well as providing the information about the number of animals euthanised, would appeal to people’s sympathetic and emotional side, as they would be able to see the advantages of adopting a pet. 

Start of Story: Did you know that the RSPCA euthanises around 37,000 animals in Australia yearly? That figure should be enough to make you upset and angry. Why is it that 37,000+ animals have to be put to sleep every year? It is a fairly simple reason, really. People would rather buy purebred pets that can be shown off, rather than someone’s ‘second-hand’ pet …

NOTE: This article is written based on an assignment I did for my university unit Feature Writing