Age: 21 years old

University: Deakin University, Third year

Studying: Bachelor of Arts/Masters of Arts

Majors: International Relations and Journalism

Likes: food, reading, writing, Disney, Christmas

Dislikes: spiders, horror movies, bock-choy, heights

Welcome to my blog!

I am an aspiring journalist who enjoys writing about different and unique things. I created this blog in July 2019 as I wanted a platform to share the pieces I write.

My blog includes news, lifestyle, feature, research, video and opinion articles. They take either the form of a written piece, a video, or audio over an image. 

I also have an internship with The Footy Almanac, an online website which includes not only sports-related articles, but plenty of other pieces to suit your interests. If you want to see more of my work published, as well as have the opportunity to explore other journalist's articles, then check out the link in the menu section of my blog.

I have also been published on the D*scribe website which showcases the work of Deakin University's journalism students. There are current news, sports, lifestyle, art and entertainment, environment and technology, and opinion pieces. To read my published article, check out the link in the menu section of my blog.

    Any feedback or suggestions are much appreciated, and you can post those to me through the contact page also available on this website.


    Featured below is an audio piece in the form of a podcast, which is included as a preview of my work.


    The Mental Effects Isolation has on People

    A lot of people are struggling during quarantine, however, those who had pre-existing mental health issues are being hit by these times the hardest.
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