Age: 21 years old

University: Deakin University, Third year

Studying: Bachelor of Arts/Masters of Arts

Majors: International Relations and Journalism

Likes: food, reading, writing, Disney, Christmas

Dislikes: spiders, horror movies, bock-choy, heights

Welcome to my blog!

I am an aspiring journalist who enjoys writing about different and unique things. I created this blog in July 2019 as I am studying journalism at university, and it was recommended that we create a page where we are able to share our work for others to see.

I find that I write my best when I am passionate about the topic. I try to make sure I only write on things that I either know a great deal about, or that I believe are important and should be talked about.

On this website you will find articles I have written which are either for university assignments, or just because I am interested in a topic and wanted to write a piece on it.

I also have an internship with The Footy Almanac, and I write alongside many other talented journalists. This is not just a sports-related website, as you can find plenty of articles to suit your interests. If you want to see more of my work published, as well as have the opportunity to explore other journalist's articles, then check out the link is in the menu section of the blog (and don't forget to register).

Any feedback or suggestions are much appreciated, and you can post those to me through the contact page also available on this website.


NOTE IN REGARD TO POSTING: I will be posting as much as possible in between university and part-time work

NOTE IN REGARD TO PHOTOGRAPHS: All my photographs were taken with an iPhone X

PHOTOGRAPH BY SHANNON COLE of a Kangaroo at Mornington Peninsula National Park, Flinders
PHOTOGRAPH BY SHANNON COLE of Isle of Pines, New Caledonia
PHOTOGRAPH BY SHANNON COLE of The Boulevard, Phillip Island
PHOTOGRAPH BY SHANNON COLE of Table Mountain, Cape Town
PHOTOGRAPHY BY SHANNON COLE of Bushrangers Bay, Cape Schanck
PHOTOGRAPH BY SHANNON COLE of Flinders Blowhole, Flinders
PHOTOGRAPH BY SHANNON COLE of Bushrangers Bay, Cape Schanck